How do you connect with unknown people?

What is it about ‘unknown people’ that scars us? Why can’t we confidently walk up to someone we shave just spotted and strike up a conversation? Well, it’s because we are shy beings who are constantly worried about what the society would make of it!

But what if all this was to change? What if you could find, share and connect with people who are unknown to you, yet know and love the same things as you! Wouldn’t it be easier to talk to somebody who loves ManU as much as you do? Or loves dipping his fingers on blueberry cheesecake like you?

YoTurf is here, and how! One of its kind App from Crackheads, YoTurf will let you connect with people…don’t just connect, discover. YoTurf, owned by Crackheads, is a social networking mobile App that aims to connect Turfers based on their shared interests across genres. The idea is to make chatting/connecting more worthwhile and to offer a platform where interaction gives way to something more profound and fulfilling than enjoyment alone.

What are you still waiting for? Start Turfing right away. YoTurf is available for free on Apple App Store.

Remember, don’t just connect…discover. Let’s YoTurf!