How YoTurf was made!

It’s rather funny when people ask me how I ended up making this interest-based app. Has it got anything to do with me being an introvert? Yes, very much.

I was traveling on a bus on Mumbai, when it struck me how terribly lonely we all were, despite the influx of apps and technology.

I saw many people looking out the window and staring at their phones, without much else to do. I wanted to approach somebody and talk or share my feelings. It felt weird to be not able to think of a good opening line.

That’s when I thought of an app that would make like-minded people connect better. That’s why connecting via shared interests is an important thing for me.

For example, if you and I love football and are in close proximity, we would be connected. It’s the ideal ice-breaker as when you meet people for the first time, you wouldn’t know what to talk to them about. But if you have some interests in common, you can easily chat them up.