YoTurf: What Happens When The GPS Is Turned Off

Many users have been asking this question as YoTurf is an interest and location-based app, designed to make life easier for introverts. In fact, it’s the ideal ice-breaker as it tells you what the other person likes and where he/she is, so you can chat and connect without having to think hard about what you’re going to say.

Hence, GPS plays an important role in determining the location of the Turfers. If you want to find people nearby, you have to keep the GPS turned on. The location services will quickly scan the area for Turfers sharing the same interests as you and throw up a list. You have the option of connecting with a particular person via a connection request.  But if your GPS is turned off,  you will be connected to those with the same interests as you, but not in your immediate vicinity. They could be from any part of the country.

For example, if your current location is Mumbai, India and your GPS is switched on, you’ll see nearby Turfers with matching interests. While if your GPS is turned off, those from Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata and so on with matching interests will be visible.

So the next time you’re at a party, standing alone and fidgeting with your phone. You know how to go up to someone and start a conversation. After all, it’s YOUR TURF…YoTurf!

Happy Turfing.