Why we are not the next WhatsApp!

We have been hounded with this question, ever since the app came out. What we want to tell our audiences is that we are not competing with WhatsApp.

It’s an app that lets you connect with people known to you…while YoTurf lets you connect with unknown people. If you and them have the same interests, you get connected. Simple.

Also, we are a start-up, while they are one of the giants in the app world. It’s totally unfair to us to be compared to them or to even be called WhatsApp-killer, as somebody suggested. Sorry, folks…we are here for our chunk and not to take over a $19B business!

We are quite the trendy kind and are proud of the product in front of you. It’s dishy, very 2014 and something we all could use and exploit. So go ahead and use it for it is.

So with drumroll and thunderous claps, we present to you a one of its kind App from Crackheads. YoTurf will let you connect with people…don’t just connect, discover. YoTurf, owned by Crackheads, is a social networking mobile App that aims to connect Turfers based on their shared interests across genres.

The idea is to make chatting/connecting more worthwhile and to offer a platform where interaction gives way to something more profound and fulfilling than enjoyment alone


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