How to make friends on YoTurf?

Once you have selected a decent number of interests, you’ll find plenty of people nearby who also share the same likes and dislikes as you. Simply hit them up and make new connections who might turn out to be the best part of your life!

Let the app be your guiding angel so you meet new and interesting people at all times. While it’s easy to locate folks nearby, it’s practically impossible to have someone who is as passionate about something as you’re.

May be it’s your love for high-end gems or road trips or bakery lessons. It could be just about anything and you’ll always find somebody or the other who also loves and appreciates those things.

Furthermore, you can create your own interests too! If you don’t find your interest listed anywhere, simple create it and watch others booking onto it.

It’s the ideal world, truly. What are you still waiting for? Start Turfing right away. YoTurf is available for free on Apple App Store.

Remember, don’t just connect…discover. Let’s YoTurf!

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